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Buenos Aires | New York to Nomad
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Photo of the Week: Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires has probably the most amazing street art of any city I’ve been to (sorry NYC!). As such, over the past few weeks I’ve tried to take as many photos of this art as I could before we leave the city. Below is one of my favorites which is a giant mural of a … Continue reading »

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A guide to Buenos Aires: What to do and where

It’s not easy to accumulate visitors on a trip that’s all about last-minute planning. Our friends have only a set number of vacation days and have to plan well in advance, but we often don’t know what we’re doing or where we’ll be even a week in advance. Our seven-week stay in Buenos Aires was … Continue reading »

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A note on Buenos Aires fashion, from a backpacker

Everyone raved about how stylish everyone is in Buenos Aires, so Eaman and I were a little skittish about how our decidedly grubby backpacker clothes would fit into porento life. Within two days of moving into our apartment, we promptly headed to the mall (yes, there is one) and cheap outlet stores to create some … Continue reading »

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An ode to Buenos Aires meriendas

Yesterday, I shared with you the major food groups in Argentina. But there’s one food tradition I left — for good reason. It’s the merienda, and it deserves its own post. I’ve fallen in love with this evening snack ritual — usually a cafe con leche and 1-3 medialunas, or croissants — that was incorporated … Continue reading »

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What we’re eating in Buenos Aires — not just steak!

I couldn’t figure out when the best time would be to post about food because there’s a continuous influx of more and more delicious stuff. This usually goes for any city we travel to or live in, but particularly here with all our free time, we’re constantly mapping out our next meal, geeking out to … Continue reading »

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The one day trip from Buenos Aires you need to take

There are a few day trips everyone recommends you take when you get to Buenos Aires: Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay), Tigre (a delta city north of Argentina) and Colonia del Sacremento (a charming small town on the western Uruguayan coast). (There’s also Punta del Este, a beach town in Uruguay that becomes super sceney … Continue reading »

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Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires: Like speed dating, but harder

There were two dilemmas that arose from renting an apartment in Buenos Aires: How would we meet people and how would we improve our Spanish (with the growing number of English-speaking expats with meet each day). Since Peru, my Spanish has gone from rapidly improving to virtually nonexistent. I credit that decline mostly to the … Continue reading »

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Random musings on Buenos Aires: Bums, child thieves, gym instructors and more

Some stories aren’t worth entire blog posts but that’s not to say they’re not worth mentioning. Here, a few vignettes from recent Buenos Aires life. There is a homeless local man who has set up shop on one particular corner on the edge of our neighborhood, Palermo. But he is the most hooked-up bum I’ve … Continue reading »

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