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Packing List | New York to Nomad
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Packing List

Check out our revised packing lists — 8 months into the trip — here!

Archana’s Packing List

Backpack: Farpoint 55L small/medium (40L + 15L daypack attached)

Clothes (in 3 Eagle Creek packing cubes – ahh, the wonders of rolling!)
-       4 cotton T-shirts
-       1 Under Armour T-shirt
-       1 dressy tank top
-       1 cardigan
-       1 zip-up hoodie (not pictured)
-       1 thin rain jacket (not pictured)
-       2 dresses
-       1 skirt (not pictured)
-       1 pair of leggings (not pictured)
-       1 pair of loose gym-type pants (not pictured)
-       2 sleeping shirts
-       1 sleeping shorts (can also be used in daytime)
-       1 sleeping scrub pants
-       1 scarf
-       2 swimsuits – 1 bikini, 1 one-piece
-       6 pairs of underwear, including 2 pairs of ExOfficio (not pictured, creepers)
-       5 socks – 2 hiking, 3 dry-fit (not pictured)
-       2 bras (not pictured)
-       1 sports bra (not pictured)

Shoes (with handmade shoe bags — a gift from a friend)
-       1 pair of Sanuk flip-flops
-       1 pair of Puma flats
-       1 pair of Merrell Siren Sport Fore-Tex hiking shoes

-       1 crossbody purse
-       1 pair of sunglasses with case
-       Jewelry
-       World travel journal (c/o Graphic Image)

Toiletries (in old tri-fold case and Eagle Creek carry on-size clear bag)
-       Skincare products including sunscreen, SPF moisturizer, regular moisturizer and face wash
-       Makeup
-       Deodorant
-       Razor
-       Facial towelettes
-       Hair accessories
-       Shower cap
-       Lady products (not pictured!!)
-       Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
-       Comb

-       PackTowl travel towel
-       Money belt
-       Sea to Summit silk sleep sheet
-       REI backpack cover (to prevent rain damage)
-       Water bottle
-       Eye mask
-       Passport cover (not pictured)

Eaman’s Packing List

Backpack: Farpoint 55L medium/large (40L + 15L daypack attached)

Clothes (in 1 Eagle Creek packing cube and 2 vacuum bags)
-       6 T-shirts (for daytime and sleeping)
-       2 dry-fit T-shirts
-       1 linen button-down, long-sleeve shirt
-       2 cargo shorts
-       1 pants that can zip down into shorts
-       1 swimming trunks
-       1 belt

-       7 underwear – 2 ExOfficio and 5 cotton
-       7 socks – 4 SmartWool hiking, 2 DryMax, 1 regular cotton

-       1 Merrell Moab Ventilator hiking shoes
-       1 Keen waterproof hiking hybrid shoe
-       1 Old Navy flip-flops

Toiletries (in Eagle Creek carry on-size clear bag)
-       Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
-       Sunscreen
-       Hand sanitizer
-       Lotion
-       Mouthwash
-       Contacts and solution

-       Packtowl travel towel
-       Sea to Summit silk sleep sheet
-       REI backpack rain cover
-       Velcro wallet
-       Passport cover

-       Eyeglasses
-       Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses (not pictured)
-       Digital watch
-       Journal (not pictured)

Shared Items

Medicine (all neatly stored in two small toiletry bags!)
-       Prescriptions, including anti-malaria
-       Pepto-Bismol, Ibuprofen and other OTC meds
-       Band-Aids and Neosporin

-       Antibacterial wipes
-       Lush shampoo and conditioner solid bars
-       Shave oil
-       Sink plug (to wash clothes in hostels)
-       Ear plugs
-       Six laundry detergent packets

-      6″ Kindle with LED light-equipped case
-      iPad with stand-up case and another Built case for extra protection
-      2 iPod nanos (3rd generation not pictured)
-      2 international phones (will get a new SIM card in each country)
-      Chargers and adapters (in spare makeup bag)
-      Canon Powershot S95 point-and-shoot camera with case (not pictured)
-      Canon Rebel T2i with Canon 15-85mm lens with case
-      Extra SD cards—(1) 16GB, (1) 2GB (not pictured)
-      Few jump drives (1-2GBs) for quick photo storage (plan to pick up a larger GB drive on the road) (not pictured)

-       Food: Luna and granola bars, walnuts, Jolly Ranchers
-       Footprints’ South American Handbook 2011 (unfortunately not available in e-reader format but supposed to be the best guide on SA)
-       Folder for important documents
-       Playing cards

8 Responses to Packing List

  1. Meg

    This is an excellent packing list. My husband and I start our year-long RTW journey in January and I saved this article under my Favorites to reference when we begin packing. You will have to keep us posted on how this list worked out for you – Antyhing to add, leave out, etc. Thanks for sharing!

    • Eaman & Archana

      Thanks, Meg! I feel like the packing list was all I thought about for the last two months before we left. So nice to hear it’ll be handy for you. We’ll be sure to update it as we go on. But I can tell you one thing, since we didn’t anticipate the 40 degree F nights in Lima in Cusco, we definitely added a fleece to my list and a zip-up sweatshirt for Eaman. Also, simple black leggings have been clutch for me!


  2. Anita

    We are planing a trip pt Cusco/Lima, Peru and found this list to be the template for all our packing! We will take the advice on the fleece for the nights and will pack 2 pair of leggings (smile). You two look great together and actually make us look forward to the trip even more. I wish the best for you two for the future!

    • Eaman & Archana

      Thank you so much, Anita! We’re so flattered :) and I’m glad you understand the importance of leggings! Mine just got ripped up while farming for two weeks and I’m midly devastated.

  3. Vicky

    Love this post and that you literally spelled out everything you packed! We leave for our trip is a little over 3 weeks and really need to get cracking on the list of things we need to buy! Definitely using this post as a resource/reference – may even print it out and head to the store with it! : ))

    • Archana

      Thanks, Vicky! Glad it’s helpful. Just to keep in mind, the things I found most useful were: leggings, a scarf, eye mask for train/bus rides and lots of underwear. (At first, I skimped on the underwear but luckily got some from my mom in Hawaii. Never underestimate the wonderful feeling of clean underwear!)

  4. Shelley

    Hey archana! Ive loved reading your blog and I’ve shared it with many friends who have been traveling recently any they all loved it as well. Now I’m headed to Bolivia and this has been my go-to pack list! Thanks for all the tips! Got extra black leggings since you raved about them so much (and there was a groupon special, score!). Xoxo glad to see you’re both back safe and happy :) ~shelley s

    • Archana

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you always followed along. And even more glad that my packing list is coming in handy. Enjoy your trip!

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