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India | New York to Nomad
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So what exactly is a 10-day silent meditation like?

So what exactly is a 10-day silent meditation like?

When Eaman and I saw each other at the end of our 10-day meditation retreat, we were so eager to tell each other everything. We had been separated (by gender) and had taken a vow of silence, so, to finally be able to spill the beans was a pretty big deal. I let him tell … Continue reading »

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Learning nothing about Delhi and everything about hospitality

It might’ve been a little more poetic to end our trip together in some terrible hostel after a crazy bus ride and getting cheated by rickshaw drivers. But we closed it out in beautiful Delhi homes, eating at exclusive social clubs and being treated to massages. We actually didn’t do a lick of sightseeing in … Continue reading »

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The 10 commandments for backpacking through India

Through good times and bad, we’ve learned a few things about traveling on the cheap in India and would hate to withhold the juice. 1. Thou shalt not lose thy patience. India has required more patience than any other country. From pushy salespeople to conniving rickshaw drivers to complete lacks of efficiency and organization in … Continue reading »

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The Taj Mahal: Are words even necessary?

OK maybe a few words. – Agra is a dump. DUMP. See the Taj and get out of there as soon as you can. Except we did meet a cute baby in our hotel. That part was great. – Sunrise was an impeccable time to see the Taj, mostly because it gets painfully hot even … Continue reading »

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Nawalgarh, Rajasthan: It’s the India you dream of

I think Nawalgarh is the embodiment of what people envision when they think of India. Bright, retina-searing colors, men in turbans, desert landscapes, camels trotting on the road, samosas fried before your eyes — you get the picture. It’s a small city in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, 3.5 hours by bus from Jaipur. Since … Continue reading »

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The Jaipur top 5, according to Archana & Eaman

Perhaps the best decision we made while traveling was to hire a driver for the day in Jaipur. I had thought Jaipur would be a beautiful, colorful city to get lost in, but Rajasthan’s capital is not the kind of place you walk around. It’s dusty, congested and the city itself is not all that … Continue reading »

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Beaches, banana chips and fighting with rickshaw drivers in Kannur, Kerala

We had agreed on 150 rupees, and yet there we were, finally at our accommodation, Shoreline Beach Resort, in Kannur, Kerala, arguing with the rickshaw driver, who now demanded 200 rupees. He had gotten majorly lost along the way, and we had a feeling he’d up the price. Once we arrived, he wouldn’t take 150. … Continue reading »

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Scenes from Mysore’s Devaraja market

We loved the colors, smells and people of Mysore’s Devaraja market so much that we wanted to dedicate a whole post to the photos. If only you could smell those sandalwood incense… Mysore is one of India’s major sandalwood and incense manufacturing centers.

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