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Peru | New York to Nomad
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Leaving South America: Reflections and a numerical breakdown

Leaving South America: Reflections and a numerical breakdown

I’ve spent a lot of the free time in my life traveling — through Europe, Australia, Egypt, India, the Caribbean, etc. — but South America always stuck out as one glaring to-do flag that just never was crossed off the list. And now, after 4.5 months through Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia, I can’t … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week: Arequipa Sunset

As always, I’m a little behind with the Photo of the Week section. But here is an amazing sunset in Arequipa, Peru on our last night before we left for Buenos Aires. Pollution may have had a helping hand in the creation of the beautiful colors, nevertheless, it was spectacular.

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Peru: The stuff you didn’t see

We’re now in Buenos Aires, enjoying the comforts of a big, cosmopolitan city and our very own apartment (details on that in the next post). But we would be remiss to move on from Peru without a little reflection. I think Peru will always hold a special place in our wanderlust hearts because it was … Continue reading »

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Arequipa, Peru: Monasteries, night clubs and Colca Canyon

We spent our last week in Peru hanging out in Arequipa, the second largest city, and as we found out, the perfect place to get a lovely mix of sightseeing, eating, partying and hiking. The city’s most talked about sight is the Santa Catalina monastery, which covers more than 20,000 square meters and was built … Continue reading »

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Graphic Image travel journal giveaway!

Blogging has been a great way to keep track of all our stories, but for day to day notes and contact info, I’ve been toting around Graphic Image’s World Travel Journal, which the company so generously gifted to me before our trip. I even brought it along to Machu Picchu last week! And now, we’re … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week – Business Savvy Abuela

There have been many great photo opportunities in Peru. From the cute babies, to the vibrant textiles to the beautiful nature that seems to be everywhere you open your eyes to the wise-looking abuelas(os) as pictured above. There has only been one catch – sometimes you gotta pay up for a nice picture opportunity. When … Continue reading »

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Hiking, biking, rafting and zip-lining to Machu Picchu

You might remember that Eaman and I had to cancel our four-day hiking trip to Machu Picchu (here on out abbreviated as MP) after we both got pretty sick, but we weren’t about to let a little salmonella get in the way of seeing one of the wonders of the world. So once we were … Continue reading »

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A week in Cusco, Peru: How a tourist city brought us up and oh so down

We landed in Cusco last Friday and have accomplished the following thus far: 1. Walked the local neighborhoods 2. Sampled local cuisine at the San Pedro market 3. Visited the Pisaq market and climbed to the mountain top there 4. Contracted gastrointestinal infections 5. Contracted salmonella poisoning (Eaman) 6. Spent a night at the Cusco … Continue reading »

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