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Peru: The stuff you didn’t see | New York to Nomad
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Peru: The stuff you didn’t see

Posted by on October 23, 2011
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We’re now in Buenos Aires, enjoying the comforts of a big, cosmopolitan city and our very own apartment (details on that in the next post). But we would be remiss to move on from Peru without a little reflection.

I think Peru will always hold a special place in our wanderlust hearts because it was the first stop on this big, crazy adventure. We didn’t know much about the country beyond Machu Picchu, but we’ve learned so much.

The people are some of the warmest, most generous you’ll find. And the country itself is huge and varied with so much to do–whether it’s hitting the beach, going for a hike, soaking in hot springs, trekking through the jungle or tasting food in the rising gastronomic capital of Lima. (We sadly missed a major food festial by one week!!)

A friend in Buenos Aires told us that we did good by starting in
Peru because you expect and almost crave a big culture shock at the beginning of this kind of trip. Starting in Buenos Aires would’ve felt like going from one New York to the next. Peru was indeed a culture shock, but in the best way possible. No skyscrapers, no herds of people in a rush, no taking things for granted.

Peru was a quick lesson in appreciating the small things in life (i.e. hot water, electricity and something to eat after a long day hiking), not to mention natural beauty at its finest.

We didn’t get to share all the pictures we would’ve liked to with each post, so here, the stuff you didn’t see:

Yarn at a market in Cusco:

Dinner with new friends at organic restaurant Greens in Cusco:

Hiking in the ancient Inca town of Pisaq:

Amazing vegetarian lunch at Govinda in Lima. I haven’t seen tofu in a while :(

Abuela warming up empanadas in Pisaq:

Inca Kola, apparently made of lemongrass but tastes like bubblegum. The novelty wore off quickly:

Cusco by night:

Hike to Ollyantaytambo, another ancient Inca town:

We randomly saw a performance by The National Ballet of Georgia in Cusco…and it was awesome:

The nicest clothes we had (that also worked with the cold weather) to wear to the ballet:

There were always tiny puppies and kittens at the small basic hostels we stayed at during our treks:

Break during our jungle trek:

Riding on an abandoned Peru Rail train in the jungle:

Making good on a major craving in Arequipa:

Next up, a tour of our Buenos Aires digs!

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5 Responses to Peru: The stuff you didn’t see

  1. Raj

    Awesome pictures !! Lunch plate at Govinda’s looks tempting ,Looking forward to see pictures from

    Argentina .

  2. Tanner

    1) Archie, you’re still a fashion maven, even while backpacking… 2) I’m now dying to go to Cusco. 3) I needa meet Abuela.

  3. Anjali

    loving your letters from abroad…it sounds gritty, warm, wonderful, and real.

  4. Mina

    Salaam Eaman and Archana joon like the pictures looks very nice, Eaman joon how could you not have found any Mazzio Pizza! just Pizza Hut? love you khodahafez you two.

  5. Ramin

    Its awesome dude… congrats !

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