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Happy Birthday! Turning 27 in Hawaii

Happy Birthday! Turning 27 in Hawaii

Yesterday, I received some tragic news about a member of my extended family. It was a sobering moment, during which I thought to myself, a post about all the fun and frivolity of my 27th birthday now seems so insignificant. But during a long drive home from our road trip — post on that coming … Continue reading »

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5 Lessons Learned from Working at a Smoothie Shop

I’ve been working at the smoothie shop — which shall remain nameless on this blog just so I can rant and rave as I please and remain less Google-able — for just over a month now, and in my time there, I’ve realized some things about this job that are best reflected by a pro-con … Continue reading »

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Hawaiian life lately, according to my camera

A weekday outing with new friend Niti to Kaimana Beach, a lovely, quiet little stretch of beach just a bit further down from bustling Waikiki Beach. Waikiki sunset.

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Scenes from a Saturday road trip: Kailua and the North Shore

Work hours have been painfully long since I got back from New Jersey last week. Eaman has been home in Oklahoma for the past two weeks. I’ve been getting into a bad habit of eating dinner on the couch, changing the channel to classic Friends episodes, falling asleep and waking up at 2 a.m. (I … Continue reading »

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Five Things I’m Loving About Life in Hawaii So Far

The coolest stuff to do is free. It’s called the beach, and it costs nothing. And in Hawaii, no beach is private, so there’s none of that bougey resort-only crap. One day, Eaman and I decided to sit in Ala Moana Beach Park after running some errands, and we were thinking, “This is just what … Continue reading »

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I thought Hawaii was supposed to have good weather?

I wish I had some interesting settling-into Hawaii stories for you, but thanks to a seemingly never-ending series of torrential rainstorms, Eaman and I have been sequestered to our apartments for a lot of TV-watching, reading and cooking. It’s not a bad life — between 2 and 3 p.m., TBS airs back-to-back Friends episodes, and … Continue reading »

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Welcome to our Honolulu home!

We first dabbled with apartments abroad while in Buenos Aires, where we were lucky find this colorful one bedroom in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo Soho. We were hoping for similar luck in Honolulu, especially because, unlike BsAs, where we stayed for seven weeks, we planned to live in Honolulu for at least a few … Continue reading »

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We’re in Honolulu for the next three months! And here’s what we’ve been up to: weddings, apartment-hunting and a job!

I know I technically have already posted about Honolulu, but I also know I owe you guys a proper update. The thing is, life has been, well, insane, to say the least. I’m an organizational maniac, so I think bullet points will work best since so many different things were happening at once: On February … Continue reading »

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