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Happy Six-Month Travel-versary to us!

Happy Six-Month Travel-versary to us!

Six months ago, Eaman and I were sitting in JFK airport, waiting for this year of fun and adventure to begin. Since then, we’ve gone to six countries in South and Central America and done a whole lot that I’ve already shared and re-shared with you. Now all I keep thinking is: How is time … Continue reading »

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…And then I had to fly home unexpectedly.

My lack of Hawaii postings certainly isn’t reflective of the frequency I had in mind, but things happen. Such is life. On Monday morning, I got word from my brother that our grandmother — my dad’s mom — had passed away in her sleep. Without hesitation, I worked out whatever I needed to in order … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week: Tuscan Grapes

So by now you probably know Archana is more of the writer of the two of us. Though I (Eaman) will periodically write some regular blog posts, I will mostly keep you updated of our travels through a Photo of the Week section. I guess you could say I have become a bit of a … Continue reading »

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Setting goals for a RTW Trip: What’s important to you?

Whenever I told anyone that I would be quitting my job to travel around the world for a year, more often than not, the response was, “I wish I could do that, but I just can’t” before rattling off a number of things holding them back, including kids, finances and fear of the unknown. I … Continue reading »

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Tips for Learning a Language with Rosetta Stone

I took French in high school, so in the beginning stages of trip planning, I had daydreamed about taking intense, 9-5 Spanish classes in whatever first South American country we landed in. A part of me missed being in a classroom after being out of the school setting for four years, and I’d be able … Continue reading »

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Trip preparation: Just over a week to go!

The trip is eight days away. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! But to be honest, it hasn’t hit me at all. I just feel like I’m visiting my parents for a bit, going on a short vacation to Peru and then returning to “normal” life in the States. I truly don’t think any of this will hit me until … Continue reading »

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My one vanity on the road: curly hair

I’m more than ready to leave behind the excess and embrace the low maintenance, but I must admit, there’s one thing I’m feeling a bit vain about, and it’s my curly hair. (I’m taking four T-shirts, a couple pairs of shorts and a dress as the majority of my year-long wardrobe; I think I’m allowed … Continue reading »

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Traveling with an iPad: The (big) downside

My laundry list of to-do’s for the less than two weeks I have at home ranges from the fun (Target shopping: yay!) to the tiring (laborious Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons) to the downright frustrating, including getting our iPad RTW travel-ready. We had debated between getting a netbook and an iPad, but ultimately went with the … Continue reading »

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