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…And then I had to fly home unexpectedly.

Posted by on March 17, 2012
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My lack of Hawaii postings certainly isn’t reflective of the frequency I had in mind, but things happen. Such is life.

On Monday morning, I got word from my brother that our grandmother — my dad’s mom — had passed away in her sleep. Without hesitation, I worked out whatever I needed to in order to get on the next flight out to New Jersey. A nine and a half-hour flight and one viewing of The Help later — the book is much better — I was home. Funny how it takes something like this to realize just how far away you really are.

Despite the unfortunate and sad reason to go home, it’s been wonderful to spend time with my family, settle onto our family-room couch for some home-ness and reminisce. My grandmother lived a long life — she was 91! — and was pretty strong right up until the end. In times like these, it’s best to celebrate life and not dwell on the grim reason we had to all come together. And I know it’s normal for close family to extend their support, but I’ve been positively floored by some of my close friends who’ve been nothing short of amazing. Gosh, I’m lucky.

As verbose as I may be on most topics travel-related, this time around, I’m going to keep it short. I’m headed back to Honolulu on Monday, and am practically brimming with stories to share. For now, mahalo!

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5 Responses to …And then I had to fly home unexpectedly.

  1. Nuz N

    So sorry for your loss Archana. Hope you have a safe trip back. Looking forward to the future posts!

    • Archana

      Thanks, girlfriend! Since I’m home, I’be been cayching up on EWs and am so impressed with all your stuff. I loved Jessica Chastain’s McQueen gown, too!

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